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Warren G was bound to hit the rap scene - being that he's Dr. Dre's stepbrother and all. His smash "Regulate" with Nate Dogg set the tone for "g-funk". And g-funk describes Warren G's music and production to a T. Laid back, chill, confident.

News on Warren G: Warren G's close friend Nate Dogg died at the age of 41 this week. A stroke is suspected. He had strokes in 2007 and 2008. / Warren G appeared on the 5th season of celebrity fit club on vh1, and Celebrity Rap Superstar on mtv.. currently working on a new album. just finished Big Pun: The Legacy and The Buried Life movies... Charges against Warren G dropped | Warren G busted with drugs in car

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Born As: Warren Griffin III
Birthdate: November 10, 1970
Birthplace: Long Beach, CA
Height: 6'3"
Family: Married, 4 children

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